CJ Simpson

As a composer signed to Europe’s biggest media publisher, Chris ‘CJ’ Simpson founded the songwriting house euromantix music and has gone on to collaborate with platinum selling writers including Dave Curtis (Madonna), Peter Cunnah (D:ream / Honeyz),  and more.

Simpson’s song ‘Forever and Ever’ is the main theme of the motion picture ‘The Guest House’, which won Best Musical Score at the Melbourne Filmmakers Festival.

His track ‘Stay For Life’ was co-written with Simon Cowell's X-Factor finalist and multi gold selling artist Andy Abraham, and features on the album ‘Even If’.

Simpson's debut solo album ‘Pop: Vox’ featuring guest vocalists, and his 2018 instrumental anthology triple album ‘Insta: Mental’, are available now from all good music stores

Simpson (right) with The Black Eyed Peas @ The Grammy Awards
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