Chris J. Simpson

As The Webmaster of the obscure blogging site sat at his desk on a day like any other, his computer blinked an alert that drew his attention to the mesmerising private journals of the elusive Scientist going by the username “Eurora001”.  That was where he alone was charged with the weight of the Scientist’s ultimate creation – the Time Displacement Array – primed to not only change our world, but also to reveal the most powerful secret it has never known. But it is as the Scientist tells first hand of the sale of his idea to the Japanese, that very strange things start to happen...

Through The Webmaster’s introduction you will learn the awesome responsibility you are about to possess, whilst the Scientist himself will beg anyone who comes to read this journal for respect and discretion, for the safety and wellbeing of all those people involved...

Because, by reading these words, you just became one of them.

  1. Now available as a “soundtrack book” on Booktrack (see left)


  1. “I had to read this story again it’s so good” – Chazz Hill-Hayr, Executive,

  2. “Reads like a Twilight Zone episode ... you fooled me in the end – I didn't see that coming!” – Shelley Lee Riley

  3. “This could be the true meaning of an infinite loop. How creative!” – Barbara Johnson

  4. “Awesome story and I loved the ending - very Inception-esque!” – Ben Reynolds